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What sort of cash flow finance can Henry Howard Cashflow offer me?

We offer both invoice discounting and factoring, depending on your business:

Invoice discounting allows you to borrow against your unpaid invoices, to release cash. You keep control of your sales ledger. We can also protect you against late payment and bad debts

Factoring allows you to borrow against your unpaid invoices, to release cash. Your credit control is outsourced to us, and once again, we can offer the same debtor protection as with invoice discounting.

Most of our clients benefit from factoring but if you want to run your own sales ledger and your business has good internal financial controls, then invoice discounting may be an option.

Call us on 01633 439 600 to find out more – we’ll be happy to explain in more detail.

Is invoice finance only for businesses that are failing?

Definitely not! Invoice finance is a well-proven method of improving cash flow, something that many growing businesses need. Most businesses that use our services are successful and profitable – they use us to fund business growth.

What are the benefits of invoice finance over a loan or overdraft?

Invoice finance is a flexible facility that grows in line with your sales, unlike traditional facilities such as loans and overdrafts, which give you a set amount and are usually reviewed each year. With invoice finance, your cash flow will automatically increase as your business grows and issues more invoices.

Invoice finance can often be cheaper than the alternatives. We can usually offer you a better level of funding than through an overdraft or loan and we don’t need you to offer any additional security.

How quickly can you give me a decision?

As we’re independent we can act promptly, so you can normally expect a call back the same day you first contact us. Once we’ve spoken with you about your funding requirements, our new business team are happy to move the process on as quickly as you like and take into account how soon you need a solution to be put in place. Assuming everything went smoothly, you could have a facility in place with us inside 5 working days.

How much will it cost me?

Each agreement is different and is priced individually. To find out more, give us a call on 01633 416823. Our service charges cover the management of your facility, including our credit control service where used as part of a factoring agreement when we collect money on your behalf.

We charge more for factoring, as we process payments and deal directly with the customers who owe you money. It’s an added-value service that’s particularly useful for companies who don’t have time or resources to manage their debts themselves.

With invoice discounting your business would have to perform all these functions in house, so our charge is less.

If I use Henry Howard Cashflow Finance, how much money will I be advanced immediately?

This depends on a number of factors, such as the strength of your sales ledger and the credit rating of your customers, as well as the invoice finance facility you choose. In most cases, we will advance up to 90% of your unpaid invoices.

What percentage of my invoices will you release pre-payment?

Each facility is individual so the pre-payment percentage will vary, but it is usually up to 90%. We’ll advise you of the percentage before you start using our services.

What happens to the money that you don't release pre-payment?

The remaining money – usually around 10% – is paid to you when your customer settles the invoice, minus our service charge.

How quickly can I draw on customer payments?

We allow you to draw against funds the same day – you don’t need to wait until the payment is cleared.

I'm factoring already with another company, is it easy to switch?

Yes – we’ve switched many clients from alternative providers. We’ll liaise with your existing provider to ensure that the change is simple and pain-free.

Will factoring damage my customer relationships?

No, absolutely not! We provide you with a dedicated credit controller who, in effect, becomes an extension of your own team; chasing and collecting payment using the methods you already use and ensuring your valuable customer relationships are maintained.

Can I still call my clients direct?

Yes. We appreciate how important it is for your company to maintain good relationships with clients and debtors, so there are never any restrictions imposed on contact for any of our services.

What type of credit control do you provide?

We provide you with a designated credit controller, who understands the need to collect in your debts whilst also protecting your customer relationship. We also provide monthly statements, automatic chasing letters and telephone chasing throughout the month on all your customers.

Do I need debtor protection?

This add-on to all our facilities provides up to 90% cover subject to a first loss on eligible debts in the event of your customer’s insolvency or inability to pay for 150 days past invoice due date. You can easily request, set up and review customer credit limits via our online system, and these are normally assessed within an hour.

Do I have to change my bank account details to use your facilities?

No, you can bank with whichever bank you prefer.

When I send an invoice, how soon will the money be available to me?

Typically funds can be made available to you the same day an invoice is received.

What if an invoice is disputed?

If there’s a dispute over an invoice we’ll allow 48 hours before we withdraw the funds, giving you the chance to resolve the issue without affecting your cash flow.

What happens if one of my customers doesn't pay?

As part of our service we take steps to lessen the risk of this happening to your business. But if a customer does default on their payments, we’ll work with you to recover the money via our experienced debt recovery team.

If the debt remains unpaid, then the next steps depend on whether you’ve taken our debtor protection service or not.

If the debt is protected, and is over 150 days past its due date, we’ll pay you for the protected portion of the debt. We would also usually take legal action against that customer to recover the debt.

If the debt is not protected, once we have exhausted all attempts at collection, we can either ‘recourse’ or re-assign the debt to you or we can take legal action against the customer to recover the debt.

Can I keep my own credit terms?

Yes, as long as the credit terms that you have agreed with your customers are ‘reasonable’ for the market in which you are operating, then your existing agreement would continue.

I'm just setting up my business, can you still help?

Yes, we finance both start-up and existing businesses and can help with MBOs and MBIs as well.

I'm not a limited company; can I still use your services?

Yes, we work with a range of businesses from sole traders and partnerships to international conglomerates to provide for their funding needs.

Can I get a quotation online?

We can’t give you a quotation online – we need to understand the nature of your business, find out more about your customers and be clear about how we can help you. After we’ve spoken to you on the phone or met with you face-to-face, we can then provide a tailored quotation to suit your business.

Does my business need a minimum turnover?

We typically require a minimum annual turnover of around £250k although this will vary depending on your business and the type of product provided, so please call us to find out more.

Will I need to put all my turnover through the invoice finance facility?

Usually, yes, though this will depend on your circumstances and we are happy to discuss this with you.

Will I qualify if I only have one main customer?

We prefer a reasonable customer spread, but in some cases a single customer may account for up to 70% of the facility – we’ll assess the payment performance, customer credit ratings and collectability of the debts.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact?

Yes, as a client of HHCF you will have your own Client Manager as a daily point of contact.

Do you use Electronic Data Interchange and why?

Yes, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a way to notify us electronically of your invoices and credit notes quickly and securely.

Do I need personal guarantee insurance?

If you do wish to take advantage of our funding facility then you may be obliged to give a Personal Guarantee to cover any shortfalls in the event of a business failure. As part of our offering we can refer you to specialist regulated insurance agents who can provide insurance cover in the event of a call under such guarantees.

If you are interested in insuring against calls under personal guarantees then first call us on 01633 439 600 or email us on and we will take you through the application process. After we have spoken, you can then click on the button below which will include an application form but first contact with us is an important first step in the process as we will explain how the policy will work, the costs of the premium and how that premium can be paid over time.

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