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Complete Logistics Ltd

Client:Complete Logistics Ltd

Product:Warehousing and distribution.

The finance need:

Invoice finance and a loan was needed to allow the business to grow, move into a 5,500 sq ft warehouse and invest in new machinery including fork lifts and pallet racking. The company had worked with a previous independent invoice finance company which provided a fast and effective service until it was bought by a major bank. Once under bank ownership the company became much more restrictive in its ways of working so Complete Logistics began to look for an alternative lender.

The result:

Complete Logistics is now set up in its warehouse next to the M1 in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, with all the equipment needed to fulfill new and bigger contracts. It is now forecast to double its turnover to about £600,000 in the next 12 months. Peter Jackson, managing director of the company said this would not have been possible without the financial support of Henry Howard Cashflow Finance.

“Henry Howard Cashflow were just a breath of fresh air. They are really hands on and actually wanted to understand our business. It wasn’t like the usual experience in finance of dealing with men in grey suits.

“Henry Howard Finance came to see me, listened to our story, took it in and very quickly went to see our major customer, then came back and said, ‘Right, let’s get on with it.’ Since then every time we have asked for support they have provided it.

“Jackie Moody, our client manager, is brilliant. She is always available to offer advice or answer any queries we may have.

“We are now forecast to treble in size this year. We would never have been in this position without the support of Henry Howard Cashflow.”

Peter, Complete Logistics Ltd

The story:

Complete Logistics was set up nearly two years ago to provide warehousing and distribution from the ‘golden triangle’ of distribution between the M1 and M6 in Leicestershire.

It started as a small operation working with other logistics companies to service clients. As the contracts grew the company needed to grow in line with demand but required financial support in order to lease the warehousing space and equipment. Once the company’s former invoice finance company had been bought by the bank it rapidly changed to become more restrictive in its lending and obsessed with credit ratings, with no interest in learning about the business and helping it develop.

Peter met with Henry Howard Finance just over a year ago and vital lending was quickly agreed allowing the business to move into its new, bigger home.

Henry Howard Finance representatives travelled to see Complete Logistics in person to find out about the business as well as visiting its key customer before drawing up a financial package to suit Complete Logistics’ needs.